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FOX News
Feb 16, 2013 8:30am PST
"cashin' in" crew this week, wayne rogers, jonathan, trish shah and sandra smith, also joining us, julie. welcome, everybody. okay. so as the national debt continues to soar, unions telling washington they don't want to tolerate spending cuts. >> we won't allow cuts to social security or medicare or medicaid! we're going forward! this is our country! we built it and we're going to take it back! >> oh, boy. jonathan, is big labor a big reason? we'll never fix our spending problem? >> eric, unions destroyed the fuel industry, automobile industry, the public education and literally they're bankrupting government as well. they're only growing in government. unions account for about 36% of government workers. only 6% in the private work force. i tell you, the nerve of richard trumka and the unions to demand jobs. where do they get off with that? we have more government workers now than we had citizens of the countries founded in 1776 and so many of them have nothing to do with actually protecting individual rights. they're educators, library workers, researchers. they should be cut. we need t
Feb 15, 2013 5:00am EST
for that. you might need an extra minute to scrape. otherwise all the roads -- i'll let julie tell you about the roads. weather wise, shouldn't be impacting the morning commute. satellite and radar, a little bit of cloud cover to start your day. we have a front passing to our north and that's bringing us a little bit of cloudiness. you'll probably see some sunshine here for your morning hours and then we're going to cloud up this afternoon as we are having a secondary front that's going to be approaching from the south and west and that's likely to give us a period of rain showers around here towards the end of the commute, 5:00, 6:00, 7:00 tonight and that may transition over to a little snow later tonight. we'll have more details on that. 54 in washington, 48 in annapolis, 57 quantico. should be a nice, mild day for you. again, rain moves in late this afternoon. >> all right. we'll be watching it. thank you so much, tucker. >> always a busy day in the weather, especially this time of the year. >> yeah, this time of year. >> always got a lot to talk about. >>> let's check in and see
Feb 15, 2013 11:00pm PST
the triumph two women are home. julie spring gel and her mother -- julie spring gel -- pr nie gle and her mother connie lewis flew in. i can only imagine how happy those women are to be back. serming yow? >> well -- sergio? >> julie pringle had an emotional homecoming. her nine-year-old was so happy to see her, he literally swept her off her feet. after the bear hug on the ground, 9-year-old ricky had a big hug for his grandmother connie lewis from antioch. she was also aboard the cruiseship. despite the conditions julie and connie say their travel group of five women did fine. julie says she even used skills she practiced with her son who wants to be an eagle scout. she tied square knots with the tents on the deck. >> we are working together. >> and it all came in very handy? >> it came in handy tieing sheets together. >> once we realized the fire was out and it would be all right it took longer than we thought to come home. >> julie and connie say the experience has not scared them from ever taking a cruise again, but they will study a little bit closer before booking their next cruise
FOX News
Feb 16, 2013 1:30pm PST
smith and also joining us is julie. welcome everybody. so as the national debt continues to soar, unions say they don't want to tolerate spending cuts. >> we won't allow cuts to social security or medicare or medicaid. we are going forward. this is like this. we build it and we're going to take it back! >> no more cuts! >> eric: jonathan is big laborer a reason we won't do it? >> the public education and steel industry and bankrupting unions, as well. only 6% in the private work force. i have to tell you the nerve of richard and the union, the unions is to demand jobs. where do they et off with that. we have more government workers now than we a citizens in 1776 and so many have so much to do. they should be cut. unions need to take a back seat and put this country for once. >> eric: sequestration threatening spending, let's not gog go to sequestration. >> guess what. this is our country. god bless us. they are asking for more money. the debt clock over $16 trillion. this country is in trouble. the money is gone. they are asking for more, but guess what? they have a president that is wil
Feb 15, 2013 5:35am EST
'll definitely get this right, early sun, afternoon clouds, late day showers. don't look at me julie. winds out of the west at five miles per hour. 33 tonight, rain transitioning to snow, much colder overnight, west winds five to 10. clouds tomorrow, and we'll have to see how close that snow tracks to the coast tomorrow afternoon. sunday guaranteed to be cold, 36, your holiday, sunshine, mid- 40s on monday. that's weather. let's get the latest from julie wright. and, julie you'd be a very cute rain drop. >>reporter: thanks. that's all right. we were doing the dance, dance, dancing machine. >> yeah. move it, julie. >>reporter: there you go. you do the robot. just for the record wisdom didn't want to, oh, my shoulder hurts. that's how you start off a friday, a little m.j. good stuff. eastbound 56 at 66, haymark, the accident quickly pulled over to the shoulder, causing a rubbernecking delay for those inbound headed in toward manassas. and then traffic is starting to slow just a little bit below speeds between 50 and 123. trouble well north of town, ea
Feb 10, 2013 4:30am PST
. let's turn to this week's board of directors. eric is the editor in chief of "inc" and julie is a cereal entrepreneur and investors. >> great to be here. >> i said it before on the show but this woman is my favorite, my favorite entrepreneur i've met in the past seven years. she's so inspirational. it was almost summed up in that question of do you ever doubt yourself and no. she really believes that. >> it reminds me of something that richard branson said recently, he said, no matter how good your idea is when you're starting up, 99% of people will tell you it's going to fail. it's easy to think of reasons it will fail. every entrepreneur has to have that belief because it's not easy but you have to get through it by yourself. >> julie, you are in the land of the pivot, silicon valley, where everyone starts one company and a year later the company is a totally different company. what does it take? in her case, her business was actually pretty successful. she said i can't compete with the big guys. my company will only go to here. what does it take to have the guts to say i k
Comedy Central
Feb 11, 2013 10:30am PST
? [laughter] and my guest is oscar-winning actress julie andrews. i'll ask if the hills are still alive after all that fracking. [laughter] a math professor has discovered a new 17-million digit prime number. his other discovery: he's very lonely. [laughter] this is "the colbert report." ["the colbert report" theme music playing] [cheers and applause] thank you, ladies and gentlemen. thank you so much for joining us. [cheers and applause] [crowd chanting "stephen!"] [cheers and applause] thank you so much. [cheers and applause] welcome to the show. i especially -- i especially want to welcome those ten men down in the dungeon serving their master. [ laughter ] [cheers and applause] just get out of there, guys. [ laughter ] welcome to tonight's kinescope. thank you for joining us. nation, all of us in cable news have an obligation to bring you the latest news most relevant to your life. so let's get to the story everyone's talking about: the fall of the house of york! james, bring forth the town criers! >> the bones of england's king richard iii are finally found. >> 500 year old royal remains
Feb 9, 2013 8:30pm PST
as to the approval or denial. >> from the time period, july 2011 to july, 2 on 12, there is no calls for service at this location or police reports. this is located in plot 558. and applicant premises is not located in a high crime area. >> it is located in the census track, 162.00. and the premises is currently located in an undue concentration area. there was no record of any letters of protests with the california department of alcohol beverage control and no record of letters p support and there is one letter of support that was registered with the northern police station. no opposition from northern station, and as long as they agree to the recommended conditions. alu recommends the following conditions. number one, sale, service, and consumption of alcohol, beverages will be permitted between the hours of 11 a.m. and 11 p.m. sunday through thursday and 11 a.m. to 12 a.m. midnight on friday and saturday evenings. number two, the sale of alcoholic beverages for off-sale is strictly prohibited and no noise shall be atritable. >> angel davis one of the officers who just spoke was contacted and
Feb 16, 2013 2:05am EST
regis or frank. the truth is last week i had one of our favorites. julie andrews was on our show, and i'm sorry, i love the new people coming up and all of that, but when you sit down with a legend like julie andrews and she is still the sweetest human being on the planet, still gracious to every person when the cameras are off, you are looking at a real pro and a real human being, so i would say julie andrews lately. top that, hoda. >> mine is really legendary too, and he is just one of those people that is synonymous with the word flo rida. there's something about him that just -- >> there's a difference. >> yes, indeed. >> julie andrews. flo rida. >> tiny dancer, you may recognize her from santa monica. >> okay. >> do you guys likur
Feb 15, 2013 6:00am EST
showers move in. >> thank you, tucker. >>> time now to check in with julie wright to talk about the morning commute. hey, julie. >>reporter: right now we're dealing with a huge accident to report. it's on the outer loop of the beltway. this one involving an overturned dump truck. outer loop of the beltway before you reach richie malburn road. this is the delay that's forming on the outer loop of the beltway. this is northbound 95, 495, the waiting line begins right before the exit for route 4 and you can see these people are taking that exit, getting off of the interstate right now onto route 4 this. is where the delay begins, again, crash involving an overturned dump truck. there's activity on both the ld and the right side of the highway at this time. let's continue now with the maps and show you what's happening on the roads. we do have some problems to report for those continuing to work their way along eastbound 66. the crash occurred out at 15 haymark, and even though it's been pulled to the shoulder, it's still backing up your drive headed east. traffic slows again 50123
Feb 13, 2013 2:30am PST
vivo estos impresionantes resultados. ella es julie. ha modelado en europa y en estados unidos, ¿por cuanto tiempo, julie? >> mas de 30 aÑos. >> 30 aÑos, wow! primero julie demostrara como dermawand proporciona una estimulacion instantanea para el parpado... y luego trabajara en solo un lado de su rostro. observemos, y tu, julie, continua haciendolo. [♪...] ah, ya estoy empezando a ver resultados. ¿cuanto tiempo has usado dermawand? >> por mas de ocho aÑos y mi piel esta mejor ahora a los 53 que antes cuando tenia 33 aÑos. >> increible, miren eso-- miren esa ceja! realmente se ve levantada. y vean alrededor del ojo. tiene volumen y este esta totalmente abierto. vean la diferencia! y miren todas las demas areas que quiero que noten. parece como si no tuviera patas de gallo, y creanme, si quieren reducir la aparicion de las patas de gallo tienen que usar el dermawand, las ayudara con eso. miren la linea de la barbilla de julie y miren el area de los pomulos... la comisura de la boca! su piel se ve totalmente tersa y... julie fue fumadora por 20 aÑos y dermawand ha minimizado
Feb 16, 2013 2:30am PST
an opportunity. let's turn to this week's board of directors. eric and julie. great to see both of you guys. >> nice to be here. >> great to be here. >> i said it before. this woman is my favorite entrepreneur. she's so inspirational. it's summed up in that question of do you ever doubt yourself and she said no and she really believe thad. >> it reminded me of something richard branson said. no matter how good you are starting up, 99% are going to tell you you fail. every entrepreneur has to have that hutzpah, that belief, because it's not easy. but you've got to get through it by yourself. >> in her case she said it was pretty successful. she said i can't compete with those guys. my company will only go to here. what does it take to have the guts to say i know revenue is coming in but i'm leaving this alone. >> i love it. the pivot is about having -- i think one of the hardest things to possess is the combination of passion and dispassion. so enough passion and belief that when people say your idea's not going to work, you charge ahead and you have that risk tolerance do it and another dis
Feb 11, 2013 4:25am EST
it is not a wintry mix, snow, sleet or rain? can we get some dry pavement? >> probably in july. >> come on july. >> 395 here at duke street. lanes are open in the express lanes and main line with no issues reported. waking up to that wet pavement so the wipers are getting a workout this morning 367-8995 coming across the 14th street bridge. a lot of road spray. -- 395 coming across the 14th street bridge. no issues reported leaving fair oaks headed close in toward the beltway. route 50 near 410, lanes are open here. no issues headed over towards the exits for new york avenue and kenilworth. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. traffic. >> thank you. >>> if you are set to head out in northeast d.c. right now, watch out for fire crews on field place near eastern avenue. they are currently battling a large fire in what is believed to be a vacant building in the 5800 block of field place. we'll bring you updates as soon as we get them. >>> a news alert out of prince george's county this morning. police are searching for a suspect in the murder of a 71- year-old woman, geraldine mcintyre, f
Feb 15, 2013 4:25am EST
. >> we'll talk more. >> that's fine. i got it, tucker. >>> let's check in with julie right now. >>reporter: i'm happy to be celebrating valentine's day. let's go back to that topic. hey, southbound 270 quiet right now out of germantown, leaving 118 headed out towards the split. no issues reported right now on the capitol beltway. traffic flowing freely between college park and bethesda, in fact, here it is live, the beltway west near georgia avenue, the inner loop looks great towards kennalworth avenue and towards greenbelt. southbound construction on 198 in the process of clearing. lanes are open in virginia as you work your way northbound on i-95, continuing northbound out of dale city it. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> julie, thank you. >>> new this morning, science fiction comes to life in russia as a meteorite crashed to the ground early today. this is pictures of it happening. it happened about 1,000 miles east of moscow. the space rock caused numerous explosions which injured more than 400 people, most of them hurt by broken glass. eyewitnesses say the
Feb 8, 2013 6:30pm PST
. given on july 27th, 2012. telling her, you had to appear for a hearing 12 days later on august 8th. for failure to comply with the code sections. well, no. 1 the dph did not comply with their own code section. it is clear as a bell and it's been on the books for nine years and it routinely ignored. i checked my records, three or four years ago, they always guyed complied with this notice requirement, but now there is there trend that it's really, really short and i wonder why they are doing that. because the law is clear. before any hearing is conducted under this section, section 19-{^21} you shall provide permitee at least 20 days written notice. permitee only got 12 days. back to this document, you will see again, she was cited under section 19-21. let's keep looking at this document. failure -- down here in red ink says, "failure to appear may result in -- they have two boxes here. the second box is suspension, revocation of your permit to operate the above referenced site. the box is unchecked. you may have read in the respondent's supplemental brief. secondly, you will l
Feb 16, 2013 4:00am PST
on the status of woman julie chiu is our president mand lee mand hara and suzy swan give them a big big hand for organizing this event in san francisco. we support the one billion rising because of it empowers the rise of woman, girls and all of the reds dents in san francisco to take a stand against violence in our home, in our city, and throughout the world. and just think if woman were equally included in decision-making around the world, there would be no economic disaster throughout the world. (applause) so today, as part of dancing and part of celebrating the important message that we all stand united together to take the pledge to end violence against woman and girls for good. so let's do this together. are you ready? four the pledge?. oh, okay... all right i just want to get you ready. we will be back in a very short second for this pledge. i have to listen to the woman on this thing. you bet mr. mayor. san francisco are we ready? >>> yeah. >> are we rising? >>> yeah. >> let's show the world that san francisco can be counted on, just think about it for a moment one out
Feb 15, 2013 7:00am EST
. showers arriving by about 5:00 p.m. could transition to snow later tonight. let's do traffic with julie wright. >> good morning. it's been quite busy on the east side of town. second accident involving an overturned vehicle on the inbound stretch of route 50 in maryland before you reach 410. vehicles are upright. however, big tieups inbound on route 50 headed to cheverly. stick with the bw parkway from the beltway headed to the new york kenilworth avenue split. westbound on 50 where the delay begins, after 704, continuing towards 410. a couple of miles of slow traffic inbound on 50 this morning. heads up, grab that cup of joe to go. outer loop of the beltway, below speed between 95 and georgia avenue. eastbound on 66 where we have slow traffic leaving manassas, traffic tied up again through centreville. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. >>> thank you, julie. we have a news alert out of alabama, where late last night thousands of stranded cruise ship passengers arrived on solid ground after being stuck at sea for nearly a week. this morning they are enjoying relief after wha
Feb 16, 2013 6:00am PST
northern california women are finally home this morning. julie and her mother flew into the oakland airport last night. her nine-year-old son missed her so much he literally took her off her feet. after the bear hug on the ground, nine-year-old ricky also had a big hug for his grandmother, connie. despite the conditions aboard the ship, they said their travel group of five women did fine. julie said she even used skills she practiced with her son who wants to be an eagle scout. she tied square knots for their tent on the deck. >> we were working together. yeah, what you showed me, yes. >> it all came in handy? >> it all came in handdy tieing sheets together. >> once we realized the fire was out and it was going to be all right, it took longer than we thought to come home. >> julie and connie said this experience was not scared them from ever taking a cruise again, but they will study the next ship a little closer and make sure it's newer. abc7 news reporter sergio has more from oakland international airport. >> as julie and thousands of other passengers aboard the carnival triumph moved hom
Feb 13, 2013 5:00am EST
-afternoon. just a little bit of rain for the evening commute. >> thank you. >>> time now to check in with julie wright to see how the morning commute is going so far. is it busy yet? >> not yet. ask me that this time tomorrow and we'll talk. right now, southbound 270 on the die pavement, starting to seat backup forming south of 109. no issues right now as you continue southbound. tucker is hiking up his parents like right here and it's making me laugh. i don't know what that is all about. but none thele, i thought we were supposed to see the white stuff tomorrow, not this morning. and the beltway here at the wilson bridge. traffic is running smoothly between oxon hill and alexandria. no issue reported there. 395 northbound in the express lines and the main line continuing toward the 14th street bridge. light traffic volume for those traveling inbound out of manassas. no problems reported on the beltway between annandale and merrifield. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. traffic. >> thank you. >>> our big story this morning, forensic tests are needed to determine if the body found ins
Feb 11, 2013 6:00pm EST
, july 30 at. -- july 30 at. tonight, a new report indicates problems with the plans for the new virginia hot lanes. >> they are millions of dollars in the red. drivers are not surprised. we will have that story in a live report. >> and the weather conditions are expected to clear up after a mild monday. doug hill is back with changes we could expect in the forecast. >> and georgetown continues to climb the national polls. and look who is back. ready to start all over again. the very latest coming >> a transportation upgrade that officials uneven virginia thought was a cash cow is losing money. >> these express lanes have reportedly lost more than $11 million in the first six weeks of operation. your live in tyson's corner. -- we are live in tyson's corner. >> beat number of drivers is not what was predicted. it is half as much was predicted several years ago. the association is said to go for 75 years. the company says long before that the trend will change. drivers that steer clear of the hot lanes have their reasons. >> why use it, if you can get around it? >> i do not use it. i am a c
Feb 11, 2013 11:00pm EST
. julie's and does that picture from ammendale. -- julie sent us that picture from ammendale. that is a beautiful scene. there are some wind advisories out, but it is for your folks in the high elevations. a around washington, it is going to be breezy. they will not be any really strong winds. nothing on radar. here is the next weather maker. down to our south, you can see some rain around the atlanta. also were they were hit so hard in hattiesburg mississippi they're getting more rain showers. this is from the survey team of the weather service. that is another example of why when you say it is not safe in the car, that car was tossed around in that terrible tornado. rain showers moving through new england. the folks are still trying to recover. tomorrow, and will be dry. the area of low pressure will be coming our way. a lot of sunshine in and around us tomorrow. as we get down into wednesday, i think it will start out as some rain. here is the timing, and here we are at noon time to 3:00. rainshowers writer around washington, temperatures. later on into the evening rush ho
Feb 14, 2013 11:00am EST
's helping her husband deal with injuries suffered in afghanistan. we treated julie headrick to a valentine's day makeover. take a look. >> reporter: while some of our makeover candidates were getting makeup, others were picking out new styles of comfortable clothes to wear. most of the wives and moms of wounded warriors spend so much time either at the hospital or running from one treatment to another with their wounded son or daughter. what they needed was a break to do something just a little different. >> how long do you have in the morning to do your hair? >> not long. >> not long? how long does it take you normally? >> about 15 minutes. >> 15 minutes. >> that's because julie headrick not only has to take care of her two children, but she needs to be with her husband, army specialist gregory headrick who is recovering from injuries suffered in the war in september of 2012. >> my husband was injured in afghanistan, and we are here for -- at walter reed for his rehabilitation. he has a left leg below the knee amputation and he lost his pinkie, ring finger and thumb. they said that he had
Feb 13, 2013 4:25am EST
in with julie wright to see how that early, early morning commute is going. >> so wait a minute, you get tongue tied over the word transition but you can say bombogenesis. >> yeah. >> he told me that last week and i've been trying to use it in a sentence. >> you just did. >> the sentence is i know how to say bombogenesis. this is the wilson bridge. traffic flowing freely. the accident activity here has cleared. the accident activity was in the through lanes. all lanes now open. no issues reported right now on the inner loop leaving 210 and 295 headed back across the bridge. 395 in great shape as well. no issues reported in the express lanes or main lines headed out to the 14th street bridge. and southbound on i-95. overnight construct is in place as you head out to the icc. that is in in the process of being cleared. >>> our big story this morning, forensic tests are needed to determine if the body found inside a burned mountain cabin is christopher dorner. the former l.a. police officer wanted for murder engaged in a gun battle with police officers tuesday. a deputy was killed in the shootout
Feb 14, 2013 7:00am EST
in the region. tucker barnes will tell us about the weather, julie, traffic. it is valentine's day, thursday february 14th. we were talking about those icy conditions in montgomery county. colsville road and rockville pike. the roads are so slick. police right now are helping drivers turn around and go back north. good morning i'm tony perkins. >> and i'm allison seymour. and there are slick spots throughout the region. after some light snow fell overnight, this is video shot from oakton, virginia. >> with snow comes school delays. frederick and carol county maryland schools opening two hours late. in virginia page county call schools are delayed two hours. >> i don't think i've ever seen snowflakes as big as i saw last night. >> it was very pretty. >> it was absolutely gorgeous last night about 7:30 in northwest washington and the transition taking place. left over here light accumulations. generally washington points north and west trace to about an inch, inch plus. but temperatures have fallen back below freezing. let's get to the numbers. at reagan national we are looking at temperatures
Feb 16, 2013 5:00am PST
ship triumph. two northern california women are finally home this morning. julie and her mother flew into the oakland airport last night. her nine-year-old son missed her so much he literally took her off her feet. after the bear hug on the ground, nine-year-old ricky also had a big hug for his grandmother, connie. despite the conditions aboard the ship, they said their travel group of five women did fine. julie said she even used skills she practiced with her son who wants to be an eagle scout. she tied square knots for their tent on the deck. >> we were working together. used what you showed me. >> and that came in together? >> came in handy tieing sheets together. >> once we realized the fire was out and it was going to be all right, it took longer than we thought to come home. >> julie and connie said this experience was not scarred them from ever taking a cruz again, but they will study the next ship a little closer and make sure it's newer. abc7 news reporter sergio has more from oakland international airport. >> as julie and thousand of other passengers aboard the carnival tri
Feb 11, 2013 6:00am EST
? >> you start getting that roller coaster ride. >> time to check in with julie wright and see how the morning commute is going so far. >> wet pavement and we are dealing with a structure fire downtown. we'll get more on that in just a moment. waking up to the pavement and the rain that continues to fall. a little bit of a visibility issue especially if you get stuck behind a tractor-trailer. heavy volume leaving i-70 headed out towards the monocacy river. no issued reported in germantown headed for the lane divide. top side of the beltway, you will find delays as you travel between 59 college park and colesville road. eastbound on 66, traffic is backed up from before business 234 headed in towards centreville. traffic slows again east of 50 fair oaks to 123. no issues reported on the beltway between annandale and merrifield. lanes are open northbound on 395. the pace starting to slow just before duke street headed out towards seminary road. northbound i-95 tied up in stafford. traffic slows again prince william parkway to the occoquan. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic.
Feb 12, 2013 5:00am EST
in that direction pretty soon. >> time now to check in with julie wright. >> what planet does she live on where spring is like 50. >> hey, it's getting warmer than it has been. >> spring is 72. >> we are getting closer. >> sarah says the glass is half full. >> thank you, wisdom. >> i can't see it because i can see my breath in the air. all right, guys. here in howard county is where we have the crash involving the overturned tractor-trailer on the ramp from westbound 32 to head northbound on 29. so obviously, this ramp is currently closed right now because of this ongoing investigation. so again, westbound 32 to go northbound on 29, accident activity involving the overturned tractor-trailer. no one getting past the scene at this time. let's continue with our cameras. we'll show you what else is happening out here on the beltway. you will find lanes are open, the pace good to go leaving college park headed past university boulevard all the way around towards 270. no issues to report along this stretch. nice, easy traffic volume on 395 leave is the beltway up and across the inbound 14th street br
Feb 13, 2013 6:00am EST
in with julie wright to see how the morning commute is going. >> we are starting to get busy out here in downtown. before we take you into d.c., let me pull you in from the west. this happened to be the live shot of 66 eastbound. traffic below speed traveling between the two 234 interchains in manassas. traffic slows again headed from 50 to 123. no accidents to report, just volume delays. let's continue with the cameras. we'll show you what is happening in d.c. inbound new york avenue, aslow go approaching the brentwood parkway. the two right lanes were closed off outbound. you should find lanes are open. but the police activity going to tie up your activity here inbound as you travel from bladensburg road. west virginia, moment headed out towards montana. in southeast, that is where we have problems with the vehicle fire tying up a portion of alabama avenue between 4th and irving street. ving street. traffic starting to slow in woodbridge leaving the prince william parkway headed for the occoquan. lanes are open below speed leaving 85 to the truck scales just south of 109. that's a c
Feb 14, 2013 5:00am EST
in the sky. >> yeah. thank you, tucker. >> time to check in with julie wright. she has a look at on-time traffic. >> all right. here is what i know. downtown, there was a place police chase that ended on the inbound 11th street bridge. that is where we still have the police activity and an accident that remains under investigation. on the ram top eastbound 50, we had the other crash and that was tying up the ramp to riverdale. wake up to just wet pavement. grassy areas covered with its white stuff. our roads look clear. traffic flowing freely although starting to slow a bit coming across the occoquan leaving woodbridge up to the springfield interchange. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. e traffic. >>> we are staying on top of breaking news today from south africa. olympic sprinter oscar pistorius. he allegedly shot to death the woman that was his girlfriend. she may have been trying to vice him for valentine's day. >>> developing in our area this morning, an elderly machine found dead inside his northern virginia home. >> police are calling it a suspicious death and are
Feb 13, 2013 7:00am EST
'll see that transition to snow. more details on our forecast in just a minute. let's do traffic. julie got busy. >> about an hour or so ago, a pedestrian was struck along new york avenue as you approach kendall street. unfortunately it is a fatal accident that is under investigation closing a portion of new york avenue. here's one of the vehicles involved in this incident. the windshield heavily damaged. traffic is being diverted off. you want to do whatever you can to avoid inbound new york avenue. that is not going to be an option for you. all traffic being diverted off. sky fox is hovered over 50 and zoom in as tight as they can. showing you this inbound drive. traffic is stacking up out of river dale over towards that new york kennel worth avenue split. delays are starting to form between 410 and 202. heavy volume delays. there you go passing the pepsi plant. going to find yourself on the brakes as you try to make your way over. kennel worth avenue starting to back up southbound into southeast. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> thank you, julie. we begin with breakin
Feb 14, 2013 11:00am PST
will dock sometime after 9:00 eastern. hit me one more time? we have a passenger on the cruise ship. julie morgan. are you with me? >> i am. >> let me ask you how you are doing. >> we are okay. our group is good. >> what do you mean good? where are you standing as we look at pictures of the cruise? >> i'm standing at the muster station on deck 4. >> i'm sorry, julie. i didn't hear the answer. we may have a surprise for you. can you reiterate that? >> it's ironic that i am standing on our muster station looking out over the life boats. >> the muster station over the life boats. i'm sure you would love to hop in and head towards your husband, tim who i guess is not too far waiting for you in mobile. i understand you all were supposed to finish the cruise five days ago. this fire broke out in the imagine room. what in the world have these last couple of days been like for you? >> it's been interesting. last sunday very early in the morning about 4:30, we could hear a bunch of commotion. we are on the first floor. just above the imagine. we could hear commotion and i ran to the door and opened
Feb 12, 2013 11:00pm PST
and plastic bags being used as toilets. julie watts said passengers have one word, nasty. >>reporter: it was a cruise to paradise that's turn into a cruise from hell. >> there's sewage, raw sewage pretty bad. when you walk in the hall ways, you have to cover your face. we don't have any masks for breathing. >>reporter: sunday's fire, which disabled the cruise sip's engine knocked out many of the cabin toilets, hot water and air conditions. >> the rooms are very hot unless you have a balcony room. if you have an interior room like mine, it's dark in there and stuffy. >>reporter: many of the passengers are sleeping outside on mattresses and deck chairs. as for food. >> cold cuts, bred, a box of cereal and water and sodas. they opened the bar. >>reporter: fresh food is being brought aboard from other cruise ships. the cruise liner is being towed to alabama. >>reporter: the passengers whether get a free flight home, a full refund and a credit for another cruise if they're willing to take a chance. julie watts. >>> well, you know all that talk about how it's cheap tore buy plane tickets o
Feb 8, 2013 6:00pm PST
somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. the justice department kept it quiet for months. last night agents captured a man planning a bombing in a culvert investigation. >> reporter: it's likely that everyone who goes to that bank and the other businesses in that building are shocked. the man tried to destroy that building this morning but failed. the bank of america building on hagenberger in oakland seemed quiet today. >> i know this bank is not as crowded. >> reporter: but the peace gave way to shock. >> yeah, it's pretty crazy. man, wow. >> reporter: the u.s. attorney's office released this criminal complaint that describes how the man named matthew aaron llaneza tried to blow up the building. he built the ban who he thought was connected with the taliban but was actually an fbi agent and it wasn't a real bomb. llaneza specified a spot next to the support column to bring down the entire building. >> it's scary knowing that i bank here all the time. that's scary. >> reporter: he tried to set off a fake bomb this morning and was immediately arrested. >> he just hear all that stuff from th
Feb 13, 2013 6:00pm PST
a #r ebbsal . >>> good evening. >>> hello. i am frank somerville. >> and i am julie haener. >> in two cities at this hour, two killings. a shooting in oakland claimed one life and in the south bay a teenager was stabbed this afternoon. news chopper 2 was in san jose an hour ago. the stabbing happened at 3:15 p.m. today. ed lease say the victim -- police say the victim died at the scene. a friend said the victim was just 14 years old. it is not clear if he was a student at san jose high school. a reporter said police are canvassing the scene and closed three blocks. >> the killings mark the fifth homicide of the year. >>> to oakland police are searching for suspects. they found a man with a gun shot wound. police are looking for two men who fled from the scene. we are monitoring both stories. >>> new jersey governor chris christie is attending a fundraiser hosted by facebook's mark zuckerberg. ktvu's ken pritchett is live where proesters gathered. ken? >> reporter: mark zuckerberg's quiet neighborhood is anything but today. helicopters fly -- helicopters flying over head. th
Feb 16, 2013 3:30pm PST
that it is a challenge that julie is facing because as the project move to completion, i think one of the best ways is to move it quickly to completion where we can eliminate all charges. the other thing is for the project that are in preconstruction we definitely try to look at ways to look at the scope or reduce the way that we would implement it to get cost savings but for the projects not only city and consult antis we are looking at redisploi those to save money as well and so it's going to be a hard time for city staff because they need to look for the waste water and look at other opportunity and work on other project. this is ending soon and i think everyone we need to focus on our next capital project and so that is something that i'll be working julie on. . >> all right we have on the floor a motion as amendment aimed by mr. moran and seconded by mr. kane any other motion? all those in favor? motion carry,. >> item 12. >> approval the plans and specifications for contract wd 25 thrive in the a 31,372,335 is the contractor of 720 sective calendar days. i don't have any presen
Feb 14, 2013 11:00pm EST
toothe verizon center on july 29tt. ttat show sold out n minutes.. so sse addee a live nntion tomorrrw morning at 10 a-m.but we want to get you into theeshow for free. free.tomorrow on fox45 orning nees... we're giving way a pair of passes to the show!so &pstay tuned for your chance to & wwn. 3 only ii australia...find outt what appened when kangaroos invaded an ll----a event... next in sports unliiited... 3 &p3 3 ttatts all foo the llte editiin, i'm jennifer gilbert. ggibert. and i'm jeff barnd, here's bruce unnnnnham with sports unllmited. &punliiittd..- 3 3 3 as oriole pitchers nd catchers held anotherdayyoo workkuts, they know twoothhngs aboutthis year's's young and taleeted...and thee opitions ii presents are many -33 many as mmny s 11 guys will be fighting it ut for one ffthefive pots in the sttrtinn rotation...ann this guywill be in the thickkof ii.. last seaaon,,mmguel ccnnaaes was one of the mostpleasant surppises..a career minor leaguerr ginzales madehis maaor league debuttinnjuly, and wound p wwth a 9-4 record and a s
Feb 12, 2013 7:30am PST
. that is something that i think is really important. as julie manchin, there is a $35 consultation that is available -- as julie mentioned. >> any other questions? there are multiple languages available. vietnamese, tagalog, chinese. just to let you can receive assistance from some very qualified individuals. >> any other questions? if not, thank you very much for coming. [applause]
Feb 11, 2013 7:00am EST
with julie wright. >> on the roads right now hands are full. police activity tying up the community along route 5 near silver hill road and route 5 at iverson. blocked because wires on the highway. inbound on 50 down to 26 miles an hour headed in towards northeast washington. pop up the cameras and show you what else is happening. southbound 270, they cleared an accident that was tying up the right hand exit. the right lanes rather headed on to the inner loop of the bhelt way. delays south on 270 and again from falls road headed out towards the split. lanes are open 395 and traffic slows again northbound from the pentagon to the inbound 14th street bridge. inbound suitland parkway and coming across the douglas bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> julie, thanks. red light cameras in maryland causing quite the stir among drivers in rockville. >> the amount of tickets in the last year has nearly doubled and the reason why may surprise you. melanie alnwick is live with more. >> reporter: good morning, tony and allison. yeah, you know, this is definitely causing a lot of co
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